Educator Resources



The Canadian aviation industry prides itself on its professionalism, and the welfare of its members in every aspect of the business. This is why the industry has many professional organizations in operation today. For someone considering a career in aviation, these organizations can be great resources. Depending on the specific association, they can offer:

  • general information about a specific career (pilot, maintenance, and so forth);
  • an up-to-date view of the opportunities and issues in this career area;
  • resources for finding education, jobs, and even scholarships;
  • professional mentoring from people already in the career(s) you are considering.

Take a moment to go down the list below, and click on the links of the organizations that fall within your area of interest. Browse through their websites, and see what they have to offer. After you’ve done that, why not check the other aviation organizations as well? You may discover career opportunities you’ve never dreamed of!